So what foods compliment our wines?…

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.”

W.C. Fields

Please feel free to browse some of our favourite recipes, these compliment  the  wines in our collection.  We have helped you with suggesting the wine too.  The only thing we can’t do, especially Bertie, is cook it for you, but we are more than happy to supply the wine.

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington

A national hero for defeating Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815, Arthur Wellesley was made the first Duke of Wellington. He loved a dish of beef, mushrooms, truffles, Madeira wine, and pâté cooked in pastry, which has been named in his honor.  If you want the recipe for Gordon Ramsay’s version of the classic steak dish click on the image.

To compliment a delicious Beef Wellington.

Domaine Billaud-Simon Chablis  - £12.50  (A crisp white wine)
Bordeaux; the Chateau Le Pey – £11.99 (A rich red wine. Structured with integrated oak)
Chateau Haut Grelot - £9.99 (A medium bodied red wine with soft tannins from oak ageing)

Fish Pie at TFW Fine WInes, Norfolk

Fish Pie

During the Roman times, the many fast days, including the entire 40 days during Lent, forbade the eating of meat. Consequently, special fish pies would be baked in which the mixture of fish and seafood was cooked with rosewater, spices, wine and sugar. The pies always were topped with a pastry lid and often covered in icing.  If you want the recipe for Jamie Oliver’s version of comforting fish pie click on the image.

To compliment a comforting Fish Pie.

Domaine de Guillemarine, Picpoul de Pinet – £8.90  (A white wine, from Languedoc)
Domaine de Gry Sablon, Beaujolais Villages – £7.99  (A light and fruity red wine)
Cotes du Rhone, Grand Veneur Viognier - £12.99  (A fruity white wine)

Casserole with TFW Fine Wines, Norfolk


A casserole, from the French word for “saucepan”, is a large, deep dish used both in the oven and as a serving vessel. The word is also used for the food cooked and served in such a vessel, with the cookware itself called a casserole dish or casserole pan. In British English, this type of dish is frequently also called a bake, coinciding with the cooking technique used to cook casseroles.  If you want the recipe for Delia’s version of tasty Casserole click on the image.

To compliment a tasty Casserole.

Haut Grelot, Blanc – £8.99 (A fruity white wine from Bordeaux, with hints of mango and lychee)
J Bouchon, Merlot - £8.50  ( A classic hearty red wine from Chile)
Haut Grelot, Rouge – £8.99  (A Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blend~a delicious red wine from Bordeaux)

Beef in Oyster Sauce at TFW Fine Wines, Norfolk


Unlike many cultures the Chinese believe that the preparation of food is an art and not simply a craft. The art of cooking Chinese food can include dishes and food preparation techniques which are difficult to develop and may require the expertise of a chef with lots of experience. If you want the recipe for Ken Hom’s Beef in Oyster Sauce click on the image.

To compliment oriental food.

Domaine de Gry Sablon, Beaujolais Villages - £9.99 (A fruity red wine, packed with flavour)
Marcadet de Touraine, Sauvignon - £8.70 (A classic white from  the Loire~Sancerre in style albeit fruitier)
Cederberg, Chenin Blanc  - £10.50 (An unusual white; Chenin Blanc from South Africa)

Hot Game Pie at TFW Fine Wines, Norfolk


In the old days, birds would be hung by their heads until the body fell off, at which point they would be ready for cooking. This method is probably a little too strong for today’s palate but hanging for a short time is worthwhile. Game falls into two categories. The first is feathered game birds, including grouse; pheasant; partridge; quail; snipe; wild duck; woodcock and wood pigeon. The second is furred game, including hare; rabbit; venison and ‘wild’ boar.  If you want the recipe for Gordon Ramsay’s Hot Game Pie click on the image.

To compliment game dishes.

Domaine de Cabrials, Pinot Noir – £7.99 (A spicy red wine with peppery notes)
Domaine Santa Duc, les Plans VdP de Vaucluse – £7.99 (A punchy red wine from the Rhone region)
La Cote, Chateau de la Negly – £10.99 (A stylish classic red wine, a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Carignan)

Roast Dinner at TFW Fine Wines, Norfolk

Sunday Roast

The Sunday roast, probably originates from the hearty meal of meat and potatoes which landowners would reward their labourers with on a Sunday after church; when families started cooking their own Sunday lunches, they would often use the remains as a basis for meals for the next week. Nowadays, a roast although still popular on a Sunday is eaten on any day the mood takes us and many meats are used, including Beef, Chicken and Gammon.  If you want the recipe for The Hairy Bikers Roast Dinner click on the image.

To compliment a Sunday Roast.

Chateau Haut Grelot, Rouge – £9.99 (A medium red wine from Bordeaux, with soft tanins from oak ageing)
Edulis Rioja, Crianza  - £9.99 (A delicious red Rioja with depth and complexity)
Fat Pheasant, Pinot Noir – £16.00 (A deliciously smooth red wine from New Zealand)

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corks‘The Romance of the Cork’

To cork or not to cork? That is the question. Corks are hugely beneficial to wines to be aged or with longevity but for fresh, everyday, drinking wines the screw cap will suffice.

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