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“Twas a woman that drove me to drink… & I never had the courtesy to thank her”

W.C Fields

Tutored Tasting

This is an important and integral part of our business. We offer tutored tastings and these can be private one-on-one or small group tastings.

Our philosophy is that it is important to taste wine in the environment you would like to drink it in, so a kitchen, dining room or other is ideal for tastings.  Our tastings are tailor-made, bespoke tastings; they can be wines from a particular region, country, vintage or specific grape etc.  We try to gauge what knowledge the client already has but often it is good to go back to basics. This can also be very good revision.  We discuss grape varieties; styles & characteristics that they give to the wine.

Tutored tasting with TFW Fine WIne

The ‘nose’ of the wine is discussed, often with great amusement, followed by the palate. Creative descriptions start to flow…with interesting conclusions of the wine. Certain wines have characteristics which are typical from their region & country, for example wines from the southern hemisphere or warm climates can add warmth to the mouth-feel of a wine. An interesting factor to the tasting is food and wine matching; wines to compliment certain foods. We go into this at some depth depending on the client’s requests but it is often fun to try to think of food types that will be enhanced by the wine.

For example; what would compliment a spicy food dish? …

Train your staff to sell more wine with TFW Fine Wines

Staff Training

We also offer in-house staff training which is invaluable to an establishment. We create a wine list to compliment the restaurant menu (which we are also happy to assist with)

  • We discuss the wines on the list, pronunciation of the wines, their origin etc
  • Suggestions are made and the establishment staff enjoy being involved in choosing wines to compliment particular dishes or ingredients.
  • Confidence soon grows and it is a pleasure to see the staff noting the differences in the wines and most importantly thinking about what dish they can compliment on the menu.

New account with TFW Fine Wines, NorfolkAccount Enquiry

Please feel free to contact us, we welcome all enquiries. Our customers include, restaurants; bistros; farm shops; event co-ordinators; hotels and private buyers. Click on the image for more details.

corks‘The Romance of the Cork’

To cork or not to cork? That is the question. Corks are hugely beneficial to wines to be aged or with longevity but for fresh, everyday, drinking wines the screw cap will suffice.

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